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When my 11-year-old and I went to the videogame store to buy the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 game on the day it was released publicly, the cashier asked me if I knew about the level in the game in which players looking down the barrel of an automatic weapon calmly walk through a shopping mall shooting as many unarmed shoppers as possible.  There is an easy way to eliminate that section, she explained, that leaves the rest of the game undisturbed.

Walking out to the car, I thought it through and settled on an approach that is consistent with my wife and my parenting style.  (more…)


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Greetings to those who read my piece in the USA Today and went looking for my blog.  I originally wrote the Hooters post a  few weeks ago and it is buried in my archives, but I’ll save you the scrolling and put it Here.  Below is the picture:

The Hooters picture.  My son is the one on the right.

The Hooters picture. My son is the one on the right.

But don’t believe the hype.  Blogging about red meat topics like Hooters is not what I usually do.  For those of you in the market for some interesting parenting stories and lessons about raising infants up to pre-teens, I have compiled my Greatest Hits with a thumbnail description culled from my 40+ posts in the past three months:

1) The time I had my kids talk to their great-grandpa about the Great Depression.

2) How to reduce your child’s crying

3) How hard to push your child into competitive sports

4) How to win the discipline war with your kids

5) Why a 10-year-old needs a cellphone

6) Using chores and allowance to instill a work ethic and saving money.

7) Dump your stroller

8.) Two simple tests you can run on your 4-year-old that researchers believe are keys to future success here and here. Also, looking for clues in the crib.

9) The key to being an effective parent.

10) What Happens when even good parenting isn’t enough

11) Kids, Videogames and self-control

12) Peeing in a trashcan. One of my favorite funny stories.

Thanks for taking a look at my blog, and leave a comment if the mood strikes you.  If you work your way through my grammatical errors and weak lines of argument, and sift out a nugget of two of useful information to apply to your own children, then I am happy.

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For some reason I don’t understand, I am seeing a giant spike from people clicking today to read my two-week-old post about taking my son to Hooter’s (if you really want to see it, i’ll make it easy for you: here it is).  That post was popular and controversial when I wrote it, but I have moved on to more interesting, substantial parenting topics.  So if you are here to read about Hooter’s, great.  And you are more than welcome to stick around and see what we have to say about instilling your kids with a work ethic and a capacity to save money, how to get your kids off the videogames, a link to a serious documentary about school children and racism.  In addition, my favorite and most popular posts from the archives are listed on the right panel under “Greatest Hits You Might Have Missed.”

P.S. Can someone leave in the comment section what link you saw that led you to my blog today?

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The New York Times Sunday magazine last week published this piece on the importance of teaching kids self-control. Self-control, according to the article, is regarded by some scholars as a better predictor of success in early school age kids than aptitude in academic subjects.  I have my own story about self-control in an area where kids are notoriously weak: playing videogames. (more…)

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