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Ever been in this situation: you are enjoying some much-needed afternoon peace and quiet and can’t quite bring yourself to wake up your three year old from her nap?   You let her go a bit longer than usual and later when bed time rolls around, your child is too wired to close her eyes?  Or this one:  you are driving home from a short jaunt to the grocery store and your child nods off in the car seat for 5 minutes, causing them to pass up their afternoon nap and denying you your chill time?

Knowing your kid’s ideal sleep schedule and actively sticking to it is one of the often overlooked aspects of parenting. (more…)


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I think one of those moments when parents earn their stripes is when they have to choose between punishing their child for a screw up or allowing the experience of the screw up serve as the punishment. Take, for example, my daughter in fifth grade who let a monthly book report assignment go until the night before it was due and then stayed up past 2 a.m. last night to finish it.  Should she be punished for procrastinating or is going to school on five and a half hours of sleep punishment enough?

A few weeks ago, my eight year old got himself into a similar bind and I told him to go to bed and suffer the consequences of turning in unfinished homework.  But last night when my daughter found herself in the exact same situation, I called my wife (who works nights) asked her not to say anything when she comes home and sees her daughter sitting in her room working way past bed time. I am playing a double-standard but I had my reasons:

I wanted to see how she would handle the pickle she put herself in; would she leave the assignment undone in order to get some sleep and take the worse grade, or would she stay up super-late, do good work and get the higher grade but go to school bleary-eyed and sleepy the next night? I wasn’t sure which way it would go. Neither my wife nor I yelled at her or said anything. We gave her the space to do whatever she was going to do without her parents input.

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