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I was laid off several months ago and am now a stay-at-home Daddy for my four young kids.  When I go to the mall or a public playground during business hours on a week day, I feel self-conscious about my non working status.  With unemployment creeping into double digits in many places, I know that I am not alone in my embarrassment.  In my neighborhood, I have been seeing an increasing number of other Daddy’s minding the kids while the rest of the world is punching the clock.

I see Dads like me walking with their heads slightly down as if they are ashamed to look up and acknowledge their plight.  I take these lowered gazes as a sign that perhaps being a stay-at-home parent compounds rather than relieves the unemployment blues.  What I want my fellow Dads to realize that being home with kids is a rare gift whose main beneficiaries are not only your grateful children but you as well.  Afterall, one of the most important keys to getting back in the workforce is the ability to remain positive.  Exercising a direct hand in your child’s development — be it athletic, academic or otherwise– is the greatest source of parental pride and positivity.  So I am dedicating this humble blog to those fathers who might be slow to embrace their new role but who want to achieve greatness in the important field of Parenting before that job offer comes along and messes up their hard-won mojo.


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