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If you could buy a magic wand that could potty train your child in just one day, how much would you pay?  This magic wand will save you a pile of wet underwear, save you a mess of yellow and brown stains on the carpet, and put an end to those trips to the public bathroom at the shopping mall to change another diaper.  But what if the magic wand came in the shape of a paddle that for one day only spanked your child’s butt each time they wet in their pants, would you still want it?

I have a friend who claims she potty-trained her two-year-old daughter in one day.  How did she do it, I asked.  “I spanked her,” she said. (more…)


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Let’s talk about disciplining children. I see many parents come up short in this arena.  This is the toughest part of parenting, and the stakes are very high.  Learning how to discipline your child is crucial to your happiness as a parent and to your child’s own well being.  Parents should think this one through, trust their instincts, know their child, and like a good baseball umpire calling balls and strikes – strive for consistency.  The long-term goal is to get to a point where where you won’t need to use discipline to maintain discipline(more…)

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