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I am sure that nobody is interested in my youngest son”s potty habits but I am and this is my blog, so I’ll blog about it.  The last time I visited this subject, I thought I had my son pottytrained and comfortably in underwear last summer when he was 2 and a half.  He and I, for example, flew on a plane to Denver, spent four days and four nights and flew home all without a diaper bag or an accident.  He continued his dry ways for the next four months or so much to my delight.

And then something happened about a month ago. .. (more…)


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In this installment, I find out how long it takes for a three-year-old who is used to adults cleaning up after him to do it himself.  It is pretty ugly.

This afternoon just before lunch, my almost-three-year-old stood on a table and dumped out about six plastic containers of toys onto the floor.  Then he tossed all the pillows off the sofa.  His cousin was there with him. He got excited and dumping stuff was fun.  It wasn’t anything mischievous or foul, just his thing.  99% of the time someone cleans up for him.  This time (and a few times in the past) I asked him to clean up his own mess.  I resolved that I would wait him out no matter how long it took.  I wanted to see how long he could hold out before putting up the white flag and beginning to clean up…. (more…)

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Six months ago I pottytrained my two-and-a-half year old using the only Daddy method I know–burn all the diapers in the house and join the ranks of the big boys no matter how high the pile of wet underwear grew.  It took three weeks of diligent, hard work (and plenty of carpet stains along the way) last July but we got there.  I was so confident, in fact, that I took my freshly-pottytrained boy on a cross-country trip and a long weekend in Denver in early August without a single diaper in the “diaper” bag.  It was a huge success.  We had no accidents, not even at night sleeping in an unfamiliar house.  We were done with diapers, right? Wrong.

He's smirking probably because he knows he is on the verge of beating Daddy at his own game.

Six months have passed and my fortunes have reversed dramatically.  I am feeling more and more like a beaten Dad who has run out of ideas.  (more…)

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